Safe and Creative Ways To Volunteer

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During Covid-19, everything in our world has changed and we’ve had to adapt to a new way of doing things — even volunteering. Volunteering in person may not be the safest thing to do for others right now, so we need to find safe and creative ways to give back during this socially-distanced time.

Why Volunteering is Important

Volunteering offers essential help to others in need. There are many worthwhile organizations that could not survive without the people power of volunteers or the financial contributions they make. Volunteering benefits us as well. It builds our ties to the community, broadens our empathy and understanding, and uplifts our spirits. 

Given the current restrictions due to Covid-19, volunteering in person may be restricted due to safety considerations.  But that doesn’t have to stop us from giving back. 

Safe and Creative Ways to Volunteer

Here are a few ways my daughter and I have been able to volunteer since Covid-19 restrictions have been in place:

Painted Flower Pots

Ronald McDonald House programs are located near top children’s hospitals and allow parents who are far from home to stay close to their hospitalized child and benefit from the comforts of home without incurring hotel and food costs. 

Recently, my daughter and her friends decorated flower pots to brighten up our local RMH for the families staying there. It was a fun way to unleash their artistic abilities while letting the families know that we care about them and their children.

Some of the beautiful hand-painted pots awaiting delivery to RMH

Animals Need Help Too

The Humane Society continues to care for animals in need during Covid-19.  Some Humane Society chapters are asking volunteers to make cat trap covers to offer a sense of safety to cats awaiting surgery, during post-surgery recovery, and being returned to their homes. 

Other volunteer projects include making face masks, dropping off beach towels for the animals to use as blankets, or even baking dog biscuits.

Check out this post about the Humane Society recipe for dog biscuits.

Apple Cinnamon Doggie Biscuits

Notes of Thanks

Making Cards for First Responders is a creative way to communicate our thanks to the heroes who sacrifice each day to help others. Our expressions of gratitude and appreciation may provide a bright spot for them during an otherwise stressful day. 

Making cards with personally expressed messages to staff working at hospitals, police or fire departments is a simple yet meaningful way to say “Thank You” for a job well done.

What You Can Do

Take some time to think about the issues you care about and then reach out to organizations that support the same causes.  Give them a call or send an email to ask how you can help right now, even if you can’t go in person. 

Do you have ideas for giving back during Covid-19 restrictions? We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Salve Flores on November 12, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Volunteering provides many benefits. I’m thankful to be part part of a community that feel a responsibility to unite and support those who have the greatest need especially at this time.

    • Joy Worth Having on November 12, 2020 at 11:56 pm

      Salve – I think we get back so much when we volunteer and I like that my daughter gets to learn about caring for others in the process.