Interview with Social Media Sensation @RoyalTeaWithJam

Sharron Molcak of @RoyalTeaWithJam

@RoyalTeaWithJam is one of the most popular royal-themed accounts on Instagram.  With over 168,000 followers from around the globe, this is where avid fans of the British royals convene to get the latest on the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and other members of the extended royal…

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Julie Chan Lin of Instagram’s “Beyond the Book with Julie” on Career Pivots and Listening to Your Inner Voice

Julie Chan Lin smiling and wearing a pink dress

My good friend Julie Chan Lin is the force behind the popular Instagram Live series, “Beyond the Book with Julie.”  Her heartfelt and always entertaining conversations with well-known authors offer personal glimpses into how the books we love came to be, and the personal journey each writer has taken to make it happen.  Whether she…

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